Thematic Exhibition

KIMONO Fashion, Kiyokata’s Design

Kiyokata‘s bijin-ga (paintings of beautiful women) attracts us by their KIMONO fashion as well as their feminine gesture or personal beauty. Based on his unflagging study, he painted various KIMONO of the Edo period to the age in which he lived.
This exhibition shows KIMONO fashion in his works and some KIMONO hand painted by him.

29 August-20 October, 2020

Adults ¥200
Elementary and Junior High School Students¥100

Mondays(except for 21 Sep.), 23 Sep.


作品名 制作年
Irouchikake (Bridal Robe) Hand Painted by Kiyokata 1932
The bride-to-be 1907
Kokkuri Divination 1931
Cricket: Woodblock Frontispiece of the Magazine Bungei-club 1906
Chōseki Ankyo (Daily Life of the Common People in Downtown of the Meiji Period) (Morning) 1948
Kurotomesode with Design of Fans Hand Painted by Kiyokata
Tomesode with Design of Fans on Gauze Crape Hand Painted by Kiyokata