Thematic Exhibition

New Year’s Celebration in the Good Old Days

Kiyokata had painted so often the New Year’s scenes of the good old days, from the Meiji period to the Showa period.
This exhibition shows Tamesaruru Hi (Day of Trial) in which Kiyokata depicted the new year event in Nagasaki and other works and materials related to the New Year.

4 December, 2020-11 January, 2021


Adults ¥200
Elementary and Junior High School Students ¥100

Mondays(except for 4 and 11 Jan.), 28 Dec.-3 Jan.


作品名 制作年
Tamesaruru Hi (Day of Trial), Right-hand Scroll 1918
Mochimushiro (Rice Cakes on the Straw Mat): Woodblock Frontispiece of Magazine Bungei-club 1908
Woodblock Frontispiece of Novel Koyuki Vol.3 by Kikuchi Yūhō 1915
Hatsuyume (One's Dream on the Second Night of New Year): Frontispiece of Magazine Kōdan-zasshi 1916
Oshie Hagoita (Oshie Battledore)/Karuta (January), From Monthly Manners and Customs of the Meiji Period 1935
Oshie Hagoita (Oshie Battledore)/From the Kabuki Dance Haru no Yo no Urami 1922