Thematic Exhibition

Beauties in the Summer in Kiyokata’s Works

Although he was a well-known painter of beautiful women, Kiyokata got inspiration for his painting from the beauties of nature rather than women’s beauties. Above all, he love to paint summer features: indigo-dyeing yukata, windchimes, morning-glory and so on.
The exhibition shows works and materials related with summer features of the good old days.

2 July – 22 August,2021


Adults ¥200
Elementary and Junior High School Students are free of charge.

Mondays (except for 9 Aug.), 10 Aug.


作品名 制作年
Asasuzu(Cool of the Morning) 1925
Natsu no Yanagi Ido (The Willow Well in Summer) 1929
Evening Shower Clouds 1922
Tsukiji Akashi-chō (Preparatory Drawing) 1927
Young Woman Enjoying the Cool under a Willow ca.1955
Dark-blue Cotton Yukata Cloth with Fringed Orchid Patterns Early 20th Century