Thematic Exhibition

Kiyokata’s Encounter with Kyōka: Invitation to Subtle and Profound Beauty

Kiyokata was an admirer of the novelist, Izumi Kyōka and had a close relationship with him. Undoubtedly, a certain part of Kiyokata’s art is influenced by Kyōka’s literary world. There are many illustrations, frontispieces, and cover designs for Kyōka’s books. What is more, there are some masterpieces of paintings such as “Chūmon-chō” based on his novel.
Commemorating the 120th anniversary of the encounter of two artists, the exhibition shows Kiyokata’s works and illustrations related with Kyōka and his literary world.

28 August – 19 October, 2021


Adults ¥200
Elementary and Junior High School Students ¥100

Mondays (except for 20 Sep.), 21 Sep.


作品名 制作年
Woodblock Frontispiece of Novel Sanmaitsuzuki by Izumi Kyōka 1902
From the Novel Chūmonchō by Izumi Kyōka (fig.3) 1927
From the Novel Chūmonchō by Izumi Kyōka (fig.13) 1927
Marsh at Dusk 1900
Flower of Autumn ca.1928
A Scene from Novel Yōrakubon by Izumi Kyōka, Lithographic Frontispiece of Magazine Shin-shōsetsu 1905
Woodblock Frontispiece of Novel Konjikiyasha Emaki by Ozaki Kōyō 1912