Thematic Exhibition

Beautiful Women through Kiyokata`s Eyes

Renown as a painter of beautiful women, Kaburaki Kiyokata had painted thousands of women in his career. Women found in the town, spectators at the theater, female-role players in kabuki and his wife and daughters — he observed closely and carefully their figure, features and movement.
This exhibition shows Kiyokata’s various paintings and sketches of women with his wife Teru and pupils’ works.

14 january,2022 – 27 February, 2022

Adults ¥200
Elementary and Junior High School Students ¥100



作品名 制作年
Sketch 1939
Under the Tered Stand of Doll`s Festival: Lithographic Frontispiece of Magazine Bungei-club 1915
Veil Like the Spring Haze : Frontispiece of Magazine Fujinsekai 1924
From Goseirenju, Painted by Kakiuchi Seiyo 1952
Paeoniae Radix 1935
Portrait of the Kabuki Actress Kumehachi 1954