Special Exhibition

Flowery Women on the Stage in Kiyokata’s Works

In the Meiji period, common people in downtown Tokyo were familiar with theatrical entertainment as their pastime. Kiyokata also loved the theatre as a child.
When he was an illustrator, his illustrations and sketches on play magazines was well-received for his sharp observation and pertinent expression.
This exhibition introduces his works of beautiful flowery women on the stage with works expressed the New Year season.

2 December,2021 – 19 December, 2021
22 December,2021 – 10 January,2022

Adults ¥200
Elementary and Junior High School Students ¥100

Mondays(except for10 Jan.), 29 Dec.-3 Jan.


作品名 制作年
Intermission from Kiyokata Bijin Gafu(woodblock Printing) 1914
Mei Langfang/Tennyo-Sange 1919
Mitsumatagawa no takao(Courtesan Takao in Sumida river) : Frontispiece of magazine Engei club 1913
Taigyūrō no Asakeno from Nansōsatomihakkenden by Kyokutei Bakin: Lithographie Supplement of Magazine Engei gahō 1913
Chayanonikai(Upstairs of Theater Tea-house): Woodblock frontispiece of Magagine Engei club 1912
White Plum Blossoms 1970