Special Exhibition

Kiyokata and His Fellows: New Era for Young Painters of Ukiyo-e Descent

Kiyokata and his fellows launched small art study group Ugō-kai in 1901. They were working hard together to create new art suitable for the new era.
This special exhibition shows Kiyokata’s early works including Ichiyō Joshi no Haka (Grave of Higuchi Ichiyō) exhibited at the 5th Ugō-kai exhibition, and some works by other painters of Ugō-kai to trace young painters of Ukiyo-e descent by their works and materials.

15 April-19 May, 2021

Adults ¥300
Elementary and Junior High School Students ¥150

Mondays(except for 3 May)


作品名 制作年
Ichiyō Joshi no Haka (Grave of Higuchi Ichiyō) 1902
Yarinogonzakasanekatabira by Hiresaki Eihō 1904
Tasogare by Ikeda Shōen unknown
Shizuka to Kesa by Ikeda Terukata unknown
Kaeri-michi by Mizuno Hidekata End of Meiji
Cover of Kenkyūgarin Vol.4 by Koyama Mitsukata 1896
Takekurabe from Kenkyūgarin Vol.6 1896
Harukoma from Ugōkai-Gachō ca.1909~1910