Thematic Exhibition

Gleaming in Winter -Bijinga and Hagoita

Kiyokata found out the beauty of winter in scenes of daily life, natural scenery, or events in Year-end and New Year holidays.
This exhibition shows Kiyokata’s works of winter scenery and decorative Oshie Hagoita (battledore) based on Kiyokata’s work.

2 December,2022 – 9 January,2023

Adults ¥300
Elementary and Junior High School Students are 150



作品名 制作年
Woodblock Frontispiece of Novel Uzumaki Vol.4 by Watanabe Katei 1914
Woodblock Frontispiece of Novel Koyuki Vol.3 by Kikuchi Yuhō 1914
White Plum Blossoms 1970
From Japanese Dance Haneno kamuro,Painted by Enomoto Chikatoshi ca.1937
From Japanese Dance Harukoma,Painted by Yamakawa Shuhō 1938