Thematic Exhibition

The Transition of the Time from Edo to Tokyo in Kiyokata’s Works

Born and grown up in Tokyo, Kiyokata had seen changes of the city under rapid modernization with mixed feelings or emotions.
This exhibition shows Kiyokata’s works of sceneries in Tokyo and customs of the Edo period he was attracted.

2 December,2022 – 9 January,2023

Adults ¥300
Elementary and Junior High School Students are 150

Mondays, (except for 9 Jan.),29.Dec.-3.Jan.


作品名 制作年
From Japanese Dance Nunosarashi ca.1926
The View of Shin-Ōhashi,Pair of Hanging Scrolls 1910
Sketch of Star of the Rainy Night 1969
Toranomon; Lithographic Frontispiece of Magazine Shin-shōsetsu 1910
Chiyoda no Ōoku; Frontispiece of Magazine Shin-shōsetsu 1938