Thematic Exhibition

Blooming Flowers in Kiyokata’s Works, Sketch and Design

Kiyokata found out the beauty of winter in scenes of daily life, natural scenery, or events in Year-end and New Year holidays.
This exhibition shows Kiyokata’s works of winter scenery and decorative Oshie Hagoita (battledore) based on Kiyokata’s work.

3 March,2023 – 9 April,2023

Adults ¥300
Elementary and Junior High School Students are 150



作品名 制作年
Maiko(Apprentice Geisha) 1930
The bride-to-be 1907
Woodblock Frontispiece of Novel Reiko-fujin Vol.1 by Oguri Fūyō 1906
Sōbō Shunran 1929
Hikara-nodokeki( Gentle Spring Sunshine) Frontispiece of Magazine Kōdan-zasshi 1916
Peonies Date unknown