Special Exhibition

The 170th Anniversary of Watanabe Seitei’s Birth Kiyokata and Seitei: Followers of Edo Painters

For full of witness and sophistication of his works, Watanabe Seitei (1852-1918) is attracting more attention in recent years. Kaburaki Kiyokata had also been attracted and influenced by Seitei’s works.
In cooperation with Prof. Yamashita Yuji, art researcher and expert of Watanabe Seitei, this exhibition introduces Seitei and Kiyokata’s works to find some similarity as followers of Edo painters.

15 September – 19 October, 2022

Adults ¥450
Elementary and Junior High School Students ¥220

Mondays(except for 19 Sept. and 10 Oct.),11 Oct.


作品名 制作年
Watanabe Seitei / Peonies and Butterflies 1893
Watanabe Seitei / Snow Scene of Mukōjima unknown
Watanabe Seitei / Cherry Blossom Viewing at Gotenyama unknown
Watanabe Seitei / Pine, Bamboo and Plum 1915
Watanabe Seitei / Dragon-Riding Guanyin 1879
Kiyokata / Shower of Cherry Blossoms : Woodblock Frontispiece of Magazine Bungei Club 1903
Kiyokata / Orphanage 1902
Kiyokata / Cold Moonlight 1897
Kiyokata / Fulling Cloth 1947
Kiyokata / Clear Stream 1929