Thematic Exhibition

Feeling a Touch of Spring in Kiyokata`s Works and Words

Kiyokata is also well known as an excellent writer. He expressed natural features and events of each season, vanishing or changing with the times, by means of painting and writing.
This exhibition introduces Kiyokata’s words and paintings depict scenes of early spring.

13 January – 2 February

Adults ¥300
Elementary and Junior High School Students are ¥150

【Closed】Mondays(except for 12 Feb.) ,13 Feb.


作品名 制作年
Sōshun (Early Spring) 1918
Incense of Plum Blossoms Frontispiece of Magazine Fujin-gahō 1909
A Bower on the Road in Spring (Spring View in Kanazawa)
Sōbō Shunran(Peony Temple) 1929
Zuikō(Dephne): Lithographic Frontispiece of Magazine Shinshōsetsu 1907
From the Kabuki Dance Dōjō-ji 1934
Dance with a Sedge Hat in Musume Dōjō-ji 1922