Thematic Exhibition

Kiyokata`s Fond Look at Children

During the late of the Meiji period, as the publication for children issued one after another, Kiyokata had painted illustrations, frontispieces, and supplements of them. His works for children aren’t very well known.
This exhibition focuses on Kiyokata’s works painted children and illustrations of publication for children.

2 March – 16 April

Adults ¥300
Elementary and Junior High School Students are ¥150



作品名 制作年
Parrot Woodblock Front is Piece of Magazine Bungei-club 1907
Maiko (Apprentice Geisha) 1930
Girl on the Beach
KIyoko at Age Four 1912
Orphanage 1902
Stroll Frontispiece of MagazineShojo-Sekai 1909
Peach Blossom Cover illustration of Magazine Shonen-kai 1907