special Exhibition

Kiyokata and Literature:Respect for Ozaki Kōyō and Friendship with Izumi Kyōka

Kiyokata and literature are deeply related. When he was a young painter, the literary group Ken-yūsha led by Ozaki Kōyō had extended their influence in the literary world. Acquainted with Kōyō and Izumi Kyōka, a promising young novelist of Ken-yūsha, Kiyokata paved his way to a famous illustrator. During his long career, he had produced many works inspired by literature.
This special exhibition shows a relationship of Kiyokata and Ken-yūsha with his works depicted scenes of novel or drama.

14 September,2023 – 18 October,2023

Adults ¥450
Elementary and Junior High School Students are ¥220

【Closed】Mondays(excepd for 18 Sept. and 9 Oct.)、10 Oct.


作品名 制作年
Banryo 1920
Ichiyōjoshi no haka 1902
Konjikiyasha no ekanban 1903
Konjikiyasha sashie 1,2,4 Meisakuemonogatari kuraku sashiegenga 1948
Nihonbashi sashie 3,5,7 Meisakuemonogatari kuraku sashiegenga 1948