special Exhibition

Kiyokata and His Disciples: The Art They Pursued

Around the end of Taishō period, Kiyokata had tried to paint actively shakai-ga, paintings capture various aspects of society, based on sketches of street scenes and everyday scenes of ordinary people. He also recommended his pupils to paint this shakai-ga.
This special exhibition focuses on the shakai-ga showing related Kiyokata and his pupils’ works.

14 September,2023 – 18 October,2023

Adults ¥450
Elementary and Junior High School Students are ¥220

【Closed】Mondays(excepd for 18 Sept. and 9 Oct.)、10 Oct.


作品名 制作年
Suodori 1931
Iro no Minato 1916
Suiei c.a 1923
Asasuzu 1925
Yuagari c.a 1945~54
kairanban 1941
hakubo c.a 1940