special Exhibition

Bright and Beautiful Stages: Kiyokata`s Shibai-e

Kiyokata loved shibai, theatrical play like kabuki and painted lots of shibai-e throughout his life. Beautiful costume, expression of players, and specific pose of dance — we could find his “theater-goer’s” points of view in his works.
This special exhibition introduces his shibai-e depicts the scenes of kabuki play or dance like Dojo-ji or Nozakimura and illustrations for play magazines.

19 April, 2024 – 22 May, 2024

Adults ¥450
Elementary and Junior High School Students are ¥220

【Closed】Mondays (except for 29 Apr. and 6 May.)


作品名 制作年
Kagamijishi 1934
Tenno Amijima no koharu 1902
Nozakimura c.a 1938
Kasanokyoku 1922