Thematic Exhibition

Fantasy and Literature: Relationship between Kiyokata and Novelists

Kaburaki Kiyokata had loved to read since childhood. And the exchange with famous novelists of his time, such as Izumi Kyōka and Ozaki Kōyō made him grow as a major illustrator. Even after becoming a Japanese style painter, he had painted the works based on a literature again and again. His deep affection for literature had enriched his art. 

19 January – 25 February, 2018


作品名 制作年
Marsh at Dusk 1900
Frontispiece of the Novel Konjikiyasha by Ozaki Kōyō 1902
Woodblock Frontispiece of the Novel Sanmaitsuzuki by Izumi Kyōka 1902
Woodblock Frontispiece of the Novel Kūchūhikōki vol.2 by Emi Suiin 1902
Lithographic Frontispiece of the Novel Mai no Sode by Izumi Kyōka 1903
Woodblock Frontispiece of the Novel Fūryūsen by Izumi Kyōka 1904
Woodblock Frontispiece of the Novel Makazekoikaze vol.2 by Kosugi Tengai 1904
Pictorial Billboard for the Play Konjikiyasha by Ozaki Kōyō ca.1905
Woodblock Frontispiece of the Novel Muyūju by Izumi Kyōka 1906
Picture Directions by Shimazaki Tōson for Frontispiece his Novel, Rōjō 1907
Frontispiece of Rōjō by Shimazaki Tōson Preparatory Drawing 1907
Kabuki Played by Women Preparatory Drawing 1910
Woodblock Frontispiece of the Picture Book Konjikiyasha-emaki Original Story by Ozaki Kōyō 1912
Woodblock Frontispiece of the Novel Yuriko vol.3 by Kikuchi Yūhō 1913
From the Novel Futarishizuka by Yanagawa Shunyō 1917
Portraits of Geisha Left-Hand Scroll, Preparatory Drawing 1934
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