Special Exhibition

Kiyokata’s Deep Nostalgia for Daily Life in Edo, Tokyo

2021 marks 60 years since publication of Koshikatanoki which is the most important collected essays by Kiyokata Kaburaki who is also a prominent writer. Koshikatanoki is a compilation of essays and memoir of his boyhood and young adulthood. His description of culture, custom, art world as well as publishing world back then in these essays have been regarded valuable social and cultural references.
His essays carry the feeling of nostalgia and sorrow for Tokyo in Meiji period and it is reflected in his art works such as Choseki Ankyo that depicts daily lives of the common people around 1887.
This exhibition will introduce people and views of Tokyo in Meiji period in which the remains of Edo period were still found here and there along with Kiyokata’s essays.

22 May-27 June, 2021

Adults ¥300
Elementary and Junior High School Students ¥150

Mondays, 8 June


作品名 制作年
Shōenkashu 1924 - Early Shōwa
Isuzugawa ca.1943
Rakugai no Haru End of Meiji - Early Taishō
Hakubaikaoru 1932
Haru no Nagare ca.1959