Thematic Exhibition

Passing the Beauty from Kiyokata to His Disciples

Kiyokata had created his painting style by the study of traditional Japanese paintings such as ukiyo-e or Nanga and also the latest manners and customs influenced by western culture in the Meiji period.
Succeeding Kiyokata’s essence of beauty, his disciples carried out their creating activities in each way.
This exhibition introduces the interaction of Kiyokata and his disciples with Kiyokata’s bijinga (paintings of beautiful women).

31 August-22 October, 2019

Adults ¥200(¥140)
Elementary and Junior High School Students¥100(¥70)
*Group discount fee for 20 or more people is shown in parentheses
Mondays(except for 16 and 23 Sep.,14 Oct.), 17 and 24 Sep.,15 Oct.


作品名 制作年
Bonfire of Fallen Leaves c.a.1965
Clear Stream 1929
Insect Singing 1947
Autumn Flowers 1903
Ground Cherry 1901
From Goseirenju, Painted by Kakiuchi Seiyō 1952
fig.2 from Random Sketch of Kimigasaki 1920