Thematic Exhibition

The 110th Anniversary of Mizuno Toshikata’s Death Lineage of Beauty:From the Master to the Disciples

Since Kiyokata was 13 when he had become Mizuno Toshikata’s disciple, he had deep respect for his master all his life.
And Kiyokata also had initiated his disciples into the technique of paintings and the mental attitude when producing the art works as their master.
This exhibition introduces Kiyokata’s lineage of beauty by showing the works of Kiyokata, Mizuno Toshikata, and Kiyokata’s disciples.

1 December,2018 – 24 January,2019

Adults ¥200(¥140)
Elementary and Junior High School Students ¥100(¥70)
*Group discount fee for 20 or more people is shown in parentheses
Mondays(except for 24 Dec.,7 and 14 Jan.), 25 Dec.,29 Dec.-3 Jan.


作品名 制作年
Maiko (Apprentice Geisha) 1930
Tachibana no Hayanari no Musume, Hino Kumawaka Painted by Mizuno Toshikata (Pair of Hanging Scrolls) 1902
Senshi no Omokage (Portrait of My Late Teacher) 1949
Woodblock Frontispiece of the Novel Makazekoikaze vol.2 by Kosugi Tengai 1904
From Go-seirenjyu, Painted by Kadoi Kikusui 1952