Special Exhibition

The 80th Anniversary of Izumi Kyōka’s Death : Imaginary World Created by Kiyokata and Kyōka

Izumi Kyōka (1873-1939), died 80 years ago, is famous for his fantastic and romantic novels. Kiyokata was a keen reader of Kyōka’s novels and provided many illustrations and frontispieces for them. And he also painted Japanese style paintings based on Kyōka’s novels.
This exhibition features Kiyokata’s narrative works and a close relation with Kyōka.

26 October – 1 December, 2019

Adults ¥300(¥210)
Elementary and Junior High School Students ¥150(¥100)
*Group discount fee for 20 or more people is shown in parentheses
Mondays,(except for 4 Nov.),5 and 12 Nov.


作品名 制作年
Kōya Hijiri 1904
Hototogisu 1905
Scene from the Play Shinja-Daiō by Izumi Kyōka 1904
Stage Costume for Taki no Shiraito designed by Kaburaki Kiyokata 1904
Autograph Manuscript of Kechō by Izumi Kyōka with Autograph Title by Kaburaki Kiyokata
Gyōzui (Owned by Izumi Kyōka) unknown
Tsukiji Akashi-chō, preparatory drawing 1927